Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sundancing at Newport Beach

Sometimes my wants make war with my needs.
I want to go to Park City.
I want to go to Venice.
Hint: both cities are film festival meccas.
As it happens though, there is one on my hood right now so that negates it.

I drove to the Newport Beach Film Festival today. There were people on their Sunday best and people on plain clothes (like me) but no paparazzis snapping pictures of people who look like big shots. I watched a surf film called Castles on the sky because i did not want to wait another hour for the next feature. The movie combined surfing (not really about surfers - for a change), and a documentary touch of National-Geographic-like locations, Iceland, Peru, India..., places i never heard of to have big waves. There was no dialogue, only a trite recitation of a sentence (bummer) about how man is lost and independent at the beginning of each scene. I was not a surfer fan dude but pulled by the induced music and exotic shots of portraits and locales, I sat through it, and even listened to a Q&A with the cinematographer.

I was a fine afternoon and NO, the ocean did not speak to me so there you go.

On another note, i am the star of my own film

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