Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Not Super Enough

I've been youtubing a lot of Superfriends cartoons lately. I remember liking them when i was very young and overly imaginative. I like Green Lantern and Aquaman. My heroes don green costumes, something which may have coated my mind at an early age. I am not Superman nor Batman; my childhood friends took them already. I may have knew it then that i will be orchestrating, contributing and deeding in the sidelines for most of the time in my adult life.

I was with my family at M Casino and Resort in Las Vegas on Saturday Memorial weekend. As usual, we feasted on their buffet, my vote for poor man's best gastronomic experience in the desert town. They have unlimited wine and beer refills. My fourth wine was the killer. Tipsy and distracted by dazzling lights and exploding sounds, for a while i forgot the way out to the parking lot.

While in LV, i also did some book hunting on the libraries. This will be my Summer reading, if i ever get to it.

1. The Train Now Departing by Martha Grimes
2. The Monsters of Templeton by Lauren Groff
3. All Aunt Hagar's Children Stories by Edward P. Jones
4. The View fro Castle Rock by Alice Munro
5. Who will run the frog hospital? by Lorrie Moore
6. The Dovble Tongve by William Golding
7. Sappho's Leap by Erica Jong

Happy Summer Everybody!

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