Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Cryptic Message of the Bangle's Walk Like an Egyptian

I am liking my new Nike Air more and more. If i could, i love to walk with it all the time, even if i sleepwalk though i have never been known to be a somnambulist. On the contrary, my workshoes, i have three pairs, are all roughened and sanded at the back edge, thus resulting to uneven gait. This puts more pressure on my knee joints because my heels are angling sideways.

If you see me walk, you will see me dragging my feet like there is a ball and chain strapped on my ankle. If you see me at work, it's ok to stop me, and tell me i need to buy new workshoes: if you see me anywhere, it's ok to tell me to take my calcium so i can prevent a premature medial meniscal tear.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I like it when movie critics say they are not disappointed. It makes me want to listen like they know they are the experts. It makes me more intrigue even if i am halfhearted.

I watched Hanna last weekend, mind you, to hear the musical score of the Chemical Brothers, but in the course of the film was taken by the beautiful suspense of the story and in the end became a pop culture fan of the heroine. I then realized that my inPoPtuation was a throwback from my love of the young Natalie Portman and the musical overture of Beethoven in Luc Besson 's The Professional.

I like it when movie critics are right. It makes me want to flatter them like they will treat me with bagel and cheese on the coffee shop at the corner.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Scrub your Back Day

hi all, i did not replenish my beer supply this week because i was abstaining from alcohol, it's Holy Week if you're a practicing Catholic, no disrespect to those who are not, and it's Earth Day too, no coincidence here that healing is the underlying theme, i think we could all cull a lesson or two from Gulliver's Travel who after having his fill of wine was pleaded by the tiny Lilliputans to douse the big night fire on the queen's castle and having no resource to the ocean, stuck out his pecker and extinguished the conflagration, and was then charge with desecration of the palace, just saying, anyway i was in the beach yesterday and was listening to the open air sound of the maracas and the drums, the beats were hypnotic and in a strange way had a penitent effect, which would probably explain why i woke up feeling like a meek lamb this morning

Sunday, April 17, 2011

ice cream for beginners

I've been eating a lot of ice cream lately. The mercury is kicking and i am avoiding big fires in the process. My room does not have proper insulation and i feel like my hair is going to catch fire if i stay too long inside.

I befriended a strange creature called the Phantom Kangaroo. I would love to offer her an ice cream and a taco for publishing my
poem but i wonder if she has a eucalyptus diet like her cousin the koala.

I am thinking about vacation for weeks now. I want to go out of LA for a change but i am so square with time at work. I wish for the day when i will wake up on a stange place with rose petals and bautiful strangers and a hearty breakfast on my bed.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

wind vanes

Directions blew me at OCMA last Sunday. It was the opening of Alexander Calder's Form, Balance, Joy. If you're in the Newport Beach area, see it, your imagination will float like the "mobiles" and appreciate airiness even if you're not on mind-altering drugs. Me noticed some of the museum attendants, some of them smile like they have decoded the meaning of weightlessness. My theory is that they are just happy to see people around them otherwise they will just stand on their stations and they will be living artifacts. I suggest you don't poke them because they may be subjective and you may be subjective and that is not a good thing when you are in the art-mode. I will probably visit the museum again, second Sunday is free homo sapiens, and i'll make sure i have enough substance in my brain so i won't look dumb.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

infinity on friday

the magical realism begins when i open the door two little dogs will jump on my leg and before i know it they will play hump with each other i will walk to the fridge and crack a can of beer the hiss will be my sigh as i down the snake to its pit then i will open the internet and wallow on emotional detachment perhaps watch porn if i'm really up to it when my eyes get tired i will lie on my bed and feel thirsty as ever i will decide not to fight it and go to sleep.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I heard this!

What is the worst sentence that you can write?

The therapist on the radio said it will set your writing free.

Give me your take.

I am your therapist today.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

(insert name here)

A baby shih tzu wheezed by my car on the I-10. It was running on the opposite direction. It had the unmistakable cuddly and anxiety-free smile of a happy canine.

Cars were stalling and i observed the owner had stopped her SUV, got out, and when she saw the dog out of her chasing distance abandoned her pursuit.

I scanned the rear view mirror and spotted (insert name here) was still running...