Saturday, February 25, 2012

this life is uneventful (so far)

A button snaps from my shirt. It falls on the floor and rolls under the bed. I pick it up thinking i will be tie-less today.

During the drive, i am touching my adam's apple because it is there. It is exposed. My collar is spread out. I am cold.

In the news, China's manufacturing is losing. Factories with million workers their hands being useless. Factories like button makers (i made it up) sinking even though it is plastic.

Boring morning. People are sleepdriving to their stations. I can't really think about the big picture. What is.

The button > The possibilities of something BIG happening because i found connection on a loose thread.

What is not. I will work, i will work, and i will worry till i die.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

make me happy on my birthday

Dear anonymous readers of my blog,

In honor of my upcoming birthday, i am pleased to announce that i am now available to receive gifts (money, material or uncategorized).

You do not know me but your generosity will go a long way to the epicurean and spiritual satisfaction of my well being.

As my thank you, i will make sure that i remember you during my walk in the beach, sing your name in the shower, imagine you are reading with me in the library and send positive thoughts wherever you are.

The Birthday Celebrant,

If you can be stupid and shameless for one day, it has to be your birthday. Right? This is mine. Hahahahaha

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

we will all sweeten the night

the name of the cashier at 711 is Chandra, it said so on her name tag, she was talking to a man (i think it is her husband) who was at the other end of the cash register, they were talking about a business venture in the desert, valentine night, something is amiss, they were killing the night by being around people except themselves, i was buying a Dos Equis XX cervesa and there's another guy in the store buying a dozen of roses for his sweetheart, good golly do we know we are going to burn the night till it dies young.

Monday, February 6, 2012

you will not remember this

One small truth about elephants is that they don't jump. I remembered it because i read it and i pictured it and i believed it. Once on a friend's house, i saw a collection of elephant figurines, their noses and tusks all up in the air, a sign of luck my friend regarded. The same friend called this morning and asked: "What about turtles?". I pictured them, their bodies dragging their heavy armours and their slow calculated glides, and i was very curious. After work, i drove straight to my place, fixed dinner and googled turtles jumping. I chuckled. I was satisfied.