Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Kung-Fu Rant

I work in a high rise spacious office, a neat cubicle overlooking three major freeways. It seems like i have all the air i can have to wiggle and be productive, but lately the air traffic has been ominous. My stomach is turning everytime i sit and roll on my swivel chair. I have been upset by a nebulous incident that happened a few weeks back. An employee of many years was kicked out and from what i gather, the burden of proof did not swing on the management side. My gut is aching for affirmation i feel like i am on the chopping board. I am mentally kicking myself in the head and subjecting my guilt to the expendability of my job security. I want to spray paint the words i am necessary on the canvas of my conscience and wish the bosses can read it - pointblank .

As if i haven't kick myself to worrying yet, i want to get up and also kick the office wall till i bore a hole and fracture my toes so i can breathe.

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