Thursday, May 5, 2011


I don't live in New York City. I've been in New York City. If i say New York City again, you'll probably think this post is boring so i will get to my point now. Please tell Paul Simon of New York City that i will carry Graceland in my lifebag if i am ever stuck on an island.

I don't have an AC. I already told you that. For the record, i also told you that my room sizzled on the afternoon. Lately i've been going to the pond after work. There is a bench there for me. I don't have a Swiss knife so i won't carve my name on it. Don't worry. Been catching the breeze and watching Mother Duck with her ducklings. Such grace.

The other day i washed my coffee tumbler at our work kitchen. I removed the rubber ring so i could wash it too. The rubber ring seals the lid from the inside and prevents water from seeping. I thought the rubber ring was minimally functional so i did not replace it. After i drank from my tumbler, the chocolate spilled an island on my dress shirt.

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