Tuesday, August 30, 2011

You will find me at a see-through door

If you read my blog, you probably had an earful of complaints about my sweltering spa-like room. It had given me headaches, sweats and countless twisting and turning of sleeplessness. Read no more for my room is having an upgrade: an aircondition, a ceiling insulation, and the best part - a sliding door that opens to the patio. I love this part of the backyard because this is where i sometimes read and paint. With the installation of the sliding French door, i will also have more light in my room. I should mention that this swank all comes with a price, not good on my pocket but i figure i can stretch my budget for this quiet and laidback space. I worked out a deal with the landlord and told him i will make a business plan and do some ad placement for his construction and remodelling business and he seemed ok with it, even telling me that he will give me a commission for every job that pushes through. Win-win, if this pans out, if not, then i sure have given it a try.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

please (do not) kill me (coz) i'm boring

Clinical signs that i had a boring week manifested when 1) i was three seconds late to react on a friend's joke, boo, not to mention that i laughed at my own joke 83% of the time. Double boo. 2) i wrote a shitty story about a simpleminded guy who gave his blind date a rice cooker for a birthday present and submitted it anyway. WTF. 3) i googled my name out of curious vanity (yes, that is like an Oscar for self-gratification) and was surprised (dumb-faced surprised) that i have an old poem lying about on of all places a "funny" website.

I have the last (insert infectious here) laugh, at least.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I will eat marbles for old time sake

There is a chakra point in my stomach that wants to be iradiated and opened by the power of kundalini. The stock market is not really helping with its up and down swing. The acid spreads like rough waves and i am churning because my capacity to tolerate the market volatility makes me want to vomit like the time i ate a heavy breakfast only to throw them up on a portalet aboard a catamaran while on a whalewatching tour.

I used to have a vicious stomach, you know. I had ridden all the gyrating roller coasters at Magic Mountain, but some months back, i had to hold my head so i would not spin and clasp my lip so i would not spit the projectile while on a big (ferris) hanging wheel on California Adventure. I was not blaming the stock market then but what the hell you can blame anything or anyone when you're grumpy.

Some pressure is so insecuring or maybe i am just getting old. Sorry if you're reading a sucky post.