Monday, May 16, 2011

I like dome churches

I like dome churches. They don't build a lot these days. People like tall and spiraling structures as tall as the heavens, a matter of architectural taste, i guess.

I visited St. Sophia in Los Angeles this weekend. A Greek Orthodox Church, some say is patterned after the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey. The interior was magnificent and the Saturday i was there at 2pm was a delight.

I sat in the middle, a phalanx of pews that are all empty.

Dimly lit electric oil lamps, subdued brilliance of stain glass windows, silence is my prayer.

It was like that for 10 minutes then someone from the rear balcony piped an organ recital. I looked at the aisle if there was a wedding procession and if someone (other than Dustin Hoffman on The Graduate) was trying to stop the wedding.

There was no wedding yet, However there were the bride and the bridemaids having a photo op in the front door. The bride was beautiful, as any bride should be. She was smiling for the camera. She was smiling for the winged sunlight that escaped from the clouds.

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