Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Cryptic Message of the Bangle's Walk Like an Egyptian

I am liking my new Nike Air more and more. If i could, i love to walk with it all the time, even if i sleepwalk though i have never been known to be a somnambulist. On the contrary, my workshoes, i have three pairs, are all roughened and sanded at the back edge, thus resulting to uneven gait. This puts more pressure on my knee joints because my heels are angling sideways.

If you see me walk, you will see me dragging my feet like there is a ball and chain strapped on my ankle. If you see me at work, it's ok to stop me, and tell me i need to buy new workshoes: if you see me anywhere, it's ok to tell me to take my calcium so i can prevent a premature medial meniscal tear.

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