Monday, December 5, 2011

writing makes me drowsy

i am semi high on medicated mist, my vaporizer is steaming as i type, inhale inhale the power of vicks, my clogged sinus needs it, earlier i ground and gurgled me some hot salt water on my throat, it felt dry but the moist scent of vicks relieved me like im in a cloud forest in guatemala

too high for a fog but too low for a cloud, that's me lately, my second bad cough of the season, first the rain and now the santa ana's, my resistance is rebelling, bought me loads of fresh produce and vitamin c and cold medicine, tell that to John Keats

wish i can see more clearly, and wake up on a hammock with a book, you yes you can you please recite Bright Star to me and then let's get married, i need tropical breeze, not the insipid passing of winter, you and i will sing amazing grace together.

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