Tuesday, November 22, 2011

it's all quiet in the forefront

if you haven't already liked PBS Masterpiece, then you should put a thumb tack on your brain and yellow post note it because saturday morning is perfect for a mystery or a contemporary movie

i tell you i can't break the habit of waking up early even on weekends. i need to tell the supervising elf in the assembly line to produce more sedative in the sleep factory because it is what the elf doctor has ordered

there is a black feral cat in our backyard. i've been waking up and finding it outside my french glass door. it has mountain dew eyes and snowy paws. before this, i only see its shadow in the high wall and hear its sauntering in the rooftop

i wrote something lately, wrote it longhand in one sitting and edited it on another sitting, its amazing how mozartzian passion is sometimes, you can read it

this is my first post in november, if i don't post before november 30 11:59 p.m., then i want to greet you all a merry thanksgiving, eat a turkey for me, i read somewhere turkey meat is sleep-inducing - jay

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