Saturday, December 10, 2011

"M" is for motivation

nobody reads my blog but i will continue to interact because i like talking to myself, i talk to some people at a party earlier but i have nothing to report back because we mostly talk about work advancement which is a non-erectile topic for the brain

i think the worst is over for my cough, i have decongested, i just have to irrigate what is left...

the year end always carry loads of unfinished business and additional worry loads of to-do-list for the new year, at the bat i wish to have a stress-less perspective and be more positivistic with my outlook, i am currently under the impression that hard work will lead to success but i often forget to enjoy every ounce of that labor - very slavish mentality

how does motivational partner sounds? if you feel like we are on the same shoe then shoot me something, maybe we can walk on the same dirt road, only it wouldn't be as lonely.


  1. "nobody reads my blog...."

    I just read a few posts.

  2. hey Ross! nice of you to stop-by : )