Friday, December 30, 2011

i posted 43 blogpost (1 more than in 2010) in 2011

2011 is a good year. Define good. I am able to hold a gainful employment and pay a lot of debt. My gross income is sorrowfuly deceitful yet there is enough left for comfortable living, comfortable means modest and i can't complain about it. Work takes a big part of my time, 40 hours a week of staring numbers at the computer but again i am not going to bitch about it. By the time i get off the office, my eyes are wired that all i want to do is stare at the sky. I like aquamarine blue. I dislike orangy fire. I have books at the bottom of my laundry basket that are waiting to be read. I intend to read them in my sleep but for now i will be contented to memorize their titles and create sub-plots at the back of my mind. It may come in handy during the rainy days, especially with the economic climate that we have. I have written some poems and stories and some found homes. Thank you editors for liking them. Thank you Muses for kicking me in my life of stupor and seducing me drunkenly with words. I will continue to write. My first resolution is to seriously fucking write on 2012.

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