Saturday, December 17, 2011

if you don't hear from me, i have run away with your gift and money

i ordered tuna melt on our Christmas lunch, i like it, it's like eating soil on a rye bread, it was a fun lunch and a weird one too, they raffled names for a big t.v. and for a while i was the frontrunner, i got an emotional kick out of it but soon realized it was all the luck of the draw, kind-a glad i did not win it

i won something but i have to bite my tongue so the words would spill out, i have
one - two poems on the xmas issue of Yellow Mama, i also have something at Orion headless, this one i have to bite my tongue a little harder so i can taste my own blood because it is about a celebratory loss, aren't you glad sometimes that you get to know someone really well before they vanish out of your hair?

hohoho Christmas and New Year is around the corner, for some it is the season to be stressed but i understand if you don't, keep it up because we need merry thinkers and forgiving souls on the holidays.

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