Monday, December 26, 2011

did you hear the baby crying during the singing of silent night?

i have always been christmas-solicited all my life, there must be an iota of philantrophy in me that attracts solicitors and peddlers and salesman and all kinds of shrewdness, is it my fake-i-have-money-to-burn-smile or my dumb-becoming-awestruck-face that they seek me like a scud target? an old lady at the bus station singled me out and flaunted her business ideas while i was with two travelling companions, i was also nicey nicey looking that a retired volunteer lady sales-talked me to buy "an almost new book for a gift" at the library bookstore, i can go on but i will be embarassing myself more so....

people i know asked me if i am ready for Christmas and i always halfheartedly answered "i think so", i contemplated this question because the rituals of Christmas are somewhat getting tiresome, all these material appearances of having something to open, to give, to take... but not enough spiritual substance to coat our own intent, i kind-a dwelled on this blight until i realized i am being a cynic and a critic, i am also being grouchy whereas i should be child-like and bright-eyed on this time of year, it's like this awakening that i am thankful that i celebrated 2011 Christmas with a warm meaning around the dinner table with family and friends.

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