Tuesday, January 10, 2012

time bomb

are you being hated right now? do you ask yourself why you are being hated? you probably know but cannot fathom why someone hate you so much. you try to be angry with yourself but you cannot because when you are angry you are unreasonable. you piece your past and find out there is a thread in your intent that is growing and growing maliciously. you consciously ignore its warnings because you are being comfortable. you do not persevere and you earn the hatred of someone. and now you know its not him or her, its you. your gallantry is your resolve to reconcile your hatred to people who hurt you. you carry it like that bulemic girl with the dragon tattoo. you try to articulate it like some Edwardian character in Downton Abbey. you see this person who hates you everyday and you see yourself in that reflection.

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