Saturday, April 23, 2011

Scrub your Back Day

hi all, i did not replenish my beer supply this week because i was abstaining from alcohol, it's Holy Week if you're a practicing Catholic, no disrespect to those who are not, and it's Earth Day too, no coincidence here that healing is the underlying theme, i think we could all cull a lesson or two from Gulliver's Travel who after having his fill of wine was pleaded by the tiny Lilliputans to douse the big night fire on the queen's castle and having no resource to the ocean, stuck out his pecker and extinguished the conflagration, and was then charge with desecration of the palace, just saying, anyway i was in the beach yesterday and was listening to the open air sound of the maracas and the drums, the beats were hypnotic and in a strange way had a penitent effect, which would probably explain why i woke up feeling like a meek lamb this morning

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