Tuesday, April 12, 2011

wind vanes

Directions blew me at OCMA last Sunday. It was the opening of Alexander Calder's Form, Balance, Joy. If you're in the Newport Beach area, see it, your imagination will float like the "mobiles" and appreciate airiness even if you're not on mind-altering drugs. Me noticed some of the museum attendants, some of them smile like they have decoded the meaning of weightlessness. My theory is that they are just happy to see people around them otherwise they will just stand on their stations and they will be living artifacts. I suggest you don't poke them because they may be subjective and you may be subjective and that is not a good thing when you are in the art-mode. I will probably visit the museum again, second Sunday is free homo sapiens, and i'll make sure i have enough substance in my brain so i won't look dumb.

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