Monday, May 21, 2012

Sloth is a) deadly sin or b) lazy mammal

1. My least favorite animal right now is the sloth.

2. I saw one for the first time at the Santa Ana Zoo.

3. It was sleeping but even though the eyes are closed i can tell it has very sad eyes.

4. Before my visit, I saw and examined their eyes from a picture book on South American mammals.

5. Their eyes don't talk and it makes you feel sorry for them.

6. I dislike its habit too because it sleeps through life and i see myself with the same behaviour.

7. I want to have closures and i want to branch out but i am too lazy to leave my arboreal fantasy.

8. I feel like i am not doing enough to climb down and gather the nuts on the forest floor.

9. I am very jittery lately and i am being very impatient for things to turn around.

10. The only difference between me and the sloth is i have self-pity.

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