Tuesday, May 29, 2012

my uninteresting life is full of suspense

I have all sort of misappropriated thoughts and feelings as i wait to be cleared on my new job. There are rabbits and doves that appear and disappear in the magician's hat. I wonder if i may be able to taste the green and blue breeze of the ocean and I wonder if i may be able to read in the porch swing under the OC sun again. 

In my apprehension, i nail my butt in the library filling my brain till i reach the height of expectation.  I wanted to be bright for their gleaming eyes. It does not satiate a bit.

The bunny rabbit is a powerful archetype, but everytime i picture him with an energizer drum, an inverse switch happens. Coming out of the curtain is a monkey on red military suit clapping an annoying cymbals.

History is not on my side when i build up this dam of suspense. Agonized negativity overflows from my arteries. It usually ends with a bloated body on the curb.

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