Saturday, November 28, 2009


the truth about lying
is that we contradict ourselves
convinced that a chair
can stand in three legs
we trailblaze this edginess
thinking we can get away
with a modern germ - unscrupluously.


  1. we are living contradictions -- so I think :)

    In this unscrupulous world, its hard even for the germs --- we fail to see that -- don't we...

    they too are meant to have a life, in God's scheme of things....and they are creations with a purpose -- thats what I believe -- else where would this human virus take the world to??

    Your verse has made me think, BJE...well put :)


  2. "The truth about lying"....this one had me hooked from the very first line. This is excellent.

  3. scruples and truth, a window's view..says so much ...I know many people that are outspoken and true to what they's a world full of contrast...
    Well put BJE, love the photo!

  4. __Have faith in what you see and feel.
    __We've a politician, here, that he says he will never take a penny from any special interest group, PAC, or lobbyist. So... if he takes MORE than one penny... he told the truth!(?) Me thinks... he needs a new speach writer, perhaps a writer from some "reality show?"
    __Great "Untitled" thought here! _m

  5. Reminds me of getting a virus that you can't control.

  6. Interesting piece on lying, a germ indeed eh.
    I use to have a stronger dislike for lies, now I see lies as information about the one lying.

  7. truth exist and so do lies; a lie is a lie; even though it maybe validated as truth in another realm; however, where it is qualified as a lie it is a lie

    much love

  8. thank you for your conscientious comments, im sure by taking a moment, we can all grasp what lies hidden behind every lie - truth.