Friday, March 9, 2012

another year in the books

i attended a vespers on the weekend of my birthday, monks were chanting and i was praying along, the chapel faced the west and the sunset was streaming through the stained glass window, the backseat was the most solemn place i've ever been, if i stare straight to the altar, i squinted because of the dazzling lights, i had to take cover from the hooded backs of the monks so i could open my eyes to my sins, to my indifference, to my to my to my....

the monastery was in San Diego, if you are in San Diego, don't be a loco and eat a fish taco, i would cry and would die just to have Johnny Mananas fish taco again.

a lot of places to clear my head, at the pier, in the hotel room, on the hill top, wind , space, and sun are the best therapy, i am still alive, so thankful i am still intact.

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