Friday, September 23, 2011

happy friday, i am here but i am not here

knock, knock, open your door, i want to sleep in your house, i am tired, i have sunken eyes and bloated eyebags, can you tell there are no pearls in my cornea?, save me a couch, a cot, a hammock or a cozy corner, i will lie like a dog and sleep like a bear, you don't have to offer your bed but if you want to feel me i will let you, you can trace the dry canyons of my wearisomeness, there is an oasis out there, maybe you can pump it or perform a rain dance - but it is there.

knock, knock, i like your garden too, do you have an apple tree in your backyard?, is it teeming with apples? i would like to sleep under an apple tree and not think of gravity, i wonder if worms feel safe inside an apple, maybe they are, i want to be that worm, please do not wake me.

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