Saturday, July 16, 2011

Odds and ends and coalescence

Sometime ago, i studied for a job exam, fevered determination and all, then blew it, as in i haven't heard a phone call so i could only assume that yes i really blew it. I might have jumped too quickly, might have forced my will to believe i am ready, but such is the smoky mettle of the will. In the end, there are only half glass knowledge and half full will.

I haven't kept up with my Summer reading because i've been doing a lot of art exploration on my free times. I have the luxury though to listen twice to John Fowles' French Lieutenant Woman, and man, oh man, i am overly substantiated by the savagery of words and erotic evocation (sigh).

We are doing collage and mixed media on our art class now and i think this is where i can get loose. It is one quart realistic and a gallon free-formed. I like how i drown my imagination and relax idly with no expectation nor standard of what a good or bad art is. Relative, yes, selfish, definitely, pleasing, of course.

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