Friday, December 11, 2009

When Nature Skips a Beat

When nature skips a beat, where will i be?

I will be in a place nature intended me to be - next to a chain-link fence where new border plants are growing. I have some flowering Salvias already attracting bees and an unknown clustery-like variety slowly drying to its decay. Newly transplanted, i regularly water them in the early evening, after the earth has cooled down her belly.

When nature skips a beat, what will i do?

I will be watching. Everytime i sprinkle water on my greens, droplets will hit a hole in the post where a spider sleeps. Hide it will not, but will tip-toe on her garden web and welcome the rain, perhaps to a tune of halleluiah. Such curious behavior makes my heart sings as well.

When nature skips a beat, how will i react?

For six days, i watch the spider-in-waiting come down from her window. Controlled frenzy, a deliberate dash for a blessing. My enjoyment reciprocated - until today. She never shows up. No dance for his gardener, no word about a cancellation. What began as a muted joy was cut by a muted wonderment.

(previously self-published)


  1. Oh this is lovely, BJE....i just wonder about the flow of your ideas :)

    I wish i were a little more i never lose my wonderment about the way nature shows up! :)


  2. ___The loss of an unlikely friend... in that skipped beat... I have felt that wondering often, BJE, and your verse... fully explains this. _m

  3. My HEART skipped a beat reading this nature and its mysterious, wonderful ways...and LOVE your beautiful, descriptive writing as always!

  4. this is so beautiful; when nature skips a beat for me is such a long time off; i think i'll be one of her twinkling stars by then

    much love

  5. A real Nature call, I love this so much, watching life, true life...

  6. I like your theme: when nature skips a beat~

  7. Thanks everybody, i too have enjoyed re-reading this old writing.