Saturday, October 20, 2012

write me

i will be off-blog

for a while
for a long while maybe

i will add publication credits

if there is one
or it may stay as it is

write me
i will write YOU back

Sunday, October 7, 2012

forget LA forget Devotchka

you did see not devotchka in LA and you thought you missed something good

you still think you can reinvent yourself by living in CA, well i have news for you, you will be lost before you find yourself

you are best where you are, you don't have to try so hard, you will sink or float and no one will notice

you will be an accidental tourist, don't you feel that way wherever you go? - but you know that already, right?

you will have a new name, perhaps ocotillo, a hardy creature, you can live w/o water, you can live in salt beds, you can live w/o seeing the ocean in a thousand years...

you will see devotchka in Tempe and you will see roots at your feet

Saturday, September 29, 2012

answers, f@6k!3g answers

you're 37?
yeah, i hope i didn't disappoint you.

you're not married?
sometimes life take you on a path that you do not understand. you just have to make the best of it.

are you happy?
#1 if i say yes, you probably won't believe me.
#2 if i say no, are you going to do something about it?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

History of Falls

A nine to five blue collar worker should make a consious effort to oversleep on Sunday.

To those who sit at the dental chair while waiting for the anesthesia to numb your gums, it's ok to swallow your saliva.

If you think your hairdresser does not deserve a tip, think again, or better not think it over, because your hair will grow back.

Yes, you know that a stressful situation with your landlord can cause an acid reflux in your stomach. This is a learning experience. You have to play it cool next time.

Money that you know where they're going. $$$ well spent to unload the necessity of materiality in this world, is not yours on the first place. You owe this peace to your soul.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

laundry list - check that

intro boring...

just finished reading Joy William's The Quick and the Dead at the laundrymat, very rich, offbeat, funny-weird, it's just like being in the whirlpool of steam inside the dryer, the gist is in the middle of all the swirling clothes...

currently reading The History of Love (2005 Nicole Krauss), i like it for its lightness, and it is appetizing as a recipe for a Peach Shortcake, try it, maybe you will find love, if you feel it, share it...

recently saw 50/50 (2011 Jonathan Levine film) on dvd, reminded me it's ok to moon over romanticism, so, so, and now what...

earlier googled-image Marisha Pessi, author of Special Topics on Calamity Physics (Penguin 2007), sophisticated beauty, just as i imagined her to be, she has been accompanying me for two weeks during my 30 minutes morning and afternoon drives to and fro work, thank you Blue...

an auditory advisory, if you leave the classical music radio station on during your sleep, think again, i once woke up to a Stravinsky phantasmagoric tune and it was not relaxing at all...

did i tell you how beautiful the night is on a clear desert sky? look up, throw a blanket and sit, or lie down, you will forget how hot the air is when you see a falling star, i did that...

and now what...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

as if i can unclutter stuffs if i cut my hair

i want to write something here before July ends

i want to tell you about the sand storm, the calm heat before the strong wind, the lightning show, the monsoon rains that beat the roof of my apartment and force a leak on my drywall ceiling, i have a rain bucket and it works, we have more of this coming

not sure if the management did something about my complaint but everything is dry now

the desert is clayish with smile, it is not porous but it is a celebration for puddles

i have this for you to read if you are ever tired reading me like this, it is my summer gift

i had my haircut the other day, but not before i had a flat tire on a 100 degree afternoon on the middle of the fucking desert, but not before my phone kept breaking up and i waited for an hour for the AAA roadside assistance guy

it's not too bad as i described, five good samaritans pulled -over and asked me if i needed some help during that span, i kind-a felt guilty not obliging their helping hand but thank you nameless folks, it sure was reassuring and i feel good inside

don't ask me about my hair though

Sunday, July 15, 2012

i was twice lucky to be outside during the rain

i am not in-communicado. i am breathing, living, i told you that, in the desert. i am doing my best not to melt and not get dehydrated. you can breath, i'm ok, for now.

i don't have internet. i don't have npr. it's cheesy but i'm learning to commune with myself. the desert is the perfect place.

i get my wordly news at the library. i am open to channels of communication usually once a week. you can still write me and you can be sure i will read wat you have to say with anticipation. i will try to reply back.

how's your summer. i have my summer of love at ken*again. read it. i hope you like it. i promise to write again. soon.

write me - please.